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The following are some comments from our clients.


Mr. Hasbini and his associate Ms. Hanadi Arjan, were very professional. They handled my immigration case from A to Z. Ms Hanadi Arjan helped me understood very well every single step in my I-751 waiver case and she was very clear and knowledgeable. Attorney Hasbini always professionally answered all my questions and guided me throughout the whole process.
I would HIGHLY recommend them for any one that looking for an honest, fair and experienced immigration lawyer in san Diego. They definitely deserve 5 stars.

– Laura, San Diego, CA


I asked attorney Hasbini few questions about immigration issue and he explained everything in details. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend attorney Hasbini to any one struggling to get their papers done.

– Waseem, San Diego, CA


Mr. Habib Hasbini is an excellent immigration lawyer who handled my case regarding of adjusting my status here in the us and helped me to enter the US on K1 Visa, he did all the paperwork in a very professional way which led my case to get approved in a period of 4 months. I highly recommend Mr. Hasbini to handle any immigration and employment case, he also did a great job for my cousin who was fired from his work and got him all his rights.

– Fadi Khatib, San Diego, CA


I have known Habib for several years now. We have worked together on numerous complex cases many of which have been very challenging. They required attention to details and proactiveness. Habib treats every client as if they are his only ones!

He spends adequate face to face time with every client to understand their concerns and subsequently address them through creative solutions. He makes sure client is completely aware of the process by explaining all further steps in details which is always well received from the clients? side. Furthermore; he identifies all potential issues to arise and provides contingency plans which requires significant effort from his part! He is very personal and friendly while being very respectful, diligent and professional.

I enjoy working with Habib as I watch his professionalism, hard work, dedication and passion to his work. I welcome any future opportunity to work with him.

– Inese Grate, San Diego, CA


I highly recommend Hasbini law firm , I was looking for a good immigration lawyer and one of my friends to told me go to Hasbini law firm , his service are great and you will find every thing you are looking for , so I went to Hasbini law firm and told him about my case , Mr Hasbini was very patience, honest , experienced and well informed , also his services was fast and very convenience .Attorney Hasbini was able to got me my work permit and fixed all my legal papers.Thank you Mr Hasbini for the hard work!

– Mark Smith, San Diego, CA


I came to Hasbini Law Firm after long time looking for a good lawyer, I saw many lawyers before him and I felt that most of them don’t really know what they are talking about and they only cared about getting paid,The first time that I went to Hasbini law firm for free consultation I felt the difference between his law firm and others, Mr Hasbini was very honest and good well experienced , he did understand my case and I was very happy to hire him , Attorney Hasbini was able to fix my visa status and got me the green card in a good time with a reasonable price .I highly recommend Hasbini law firm.

– Nicole Jones, San Diego, CA


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