About San Diego Criminal Immigration

Criminal immigration involves the intersection of immigration and criminal law. There are many ways where immigration and criminal law intersect. If a non-citizen is facing criminal charges, they need an immigration lawyer to explain the potential immigration consequence of any possible plea agreement.

Having a criminal history could impact someone’s ability to seek adjustment of status or naturalization. An individual facing removal due to a criminal history must either show that their criminal history does not render them removable or apply for relief from removal, in order not to be removed.

Many non-citizens plead guilty to crimes without realizing that their conviction can get them deported. Sometimes when this happens, a criminal lawyer can have the plea agreement vacated. Immigration attorneys can work with criminal lawyers to prevent the non-citizens deportation while the criminal lawyer attempts to have the guilty plea vacated.

Why You Should Hire Me For Your Criminal Immigration Case

I am not a criminal lawyer, but I handle immigration matters for individuals with criminal histories. Criminal immigration is a complex and difficult area of immigration law. If you are a non-citizen and have a criminal history, you need an immigration attorney who has expertise in criminal immigration. I have been handling Criminal immigration matters as long as I have been practicing immigration law.

Based in San Diego, Imperial Beach and Cardiff by the Sea, a San Diego criminal immigration lawyer at Law Offices of Hasbini specializes in immigrant and non-immigrant visa processing, U.S. permanent residence, green cards, working visas, H-1B’s, business and investment visas, naturalization, corporate and business immigration, political asylum, as well as deportation and removal matters.

San Diego immigration lawyer Habib Hasbini and his associates truly understand what it takes to get our clients the legal help they deserve. By remaining open and honest with our clients, we are consistently able to provide the highest quality of care and service. We are familiar with the emotional investment clients make in the immigration process. San Diego immigration defense lawyer Habib Hasbini and his associates combine personal experience, knowledge of the immigration system, and extensive legal experience to provide the immigration services you need.

We can handle any type of ​immigration problems regarding a spouse of a US citizen within the US, parents of US Citizens, sons and daughters of US citizens, spouses & unmarried children of US residents, married sons & daughters of US citizens, and brothers and sisters of US citizens. Our firm is dedicated to helping individuals with immigration matters when they are visiting the US, and assisting them before the Asylum Office.

Law Offices of Habib Hasbini is dedicated to winning the toughest immigration cases. Your case must be carefully evaluated to determine the best legal strategy to assist you and your family. Our offices serve immigrants from all over California, the United States, and around the world in most kinds of immigration defense matters. We are here to help you quickly solve your immigration problems, so you and your family can finally build a future here in the United States.

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