Seven Ways to Expedite EB-5 Investor Immigration

The USCIS has designated seven valid conditions upon which they will consider expediting an EB-5 visa request. Those reasons include:

  • A provable emergent situation
  • A severe potential or real financial loss to a company or an individual
  • A humanitarian situation
  • A project being developed by a non-profit organization that will further the cultural and social interests of the United States
  • A project that is compellingly in the interest of the USCIS
  • A situation that, if delayed, would be detrimental to the interest of the Department of Defense
  • A USCIS error

Discounting the last item, which is not predictable, any Regional Center wishing to offer expedited EB-5 processing should look for projects and investors that fit one or more of the listed scenarios. Advanced preparation and due diligence that take these situations into consideration upfront can give a Regional Center a competitive advantage in processing time.

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